Finding my passion

There is one thing that I just found out recently, it’s the fact that I like writing. Well, it’s less convincing based on numbers of posts here. I rarely writes here because I have another writings to do, it’s my job. I currently work as a writer in I’m a newbie, I joined less than a month ago, and still working on my third article. Yes I’m a total newbie (if there’s even a ranking for the newbiest newbie), but I love it. It really makes my brain works hard in a pleasant way. It kinda reminds me of my previous job as a doctor. I used to make my brain works hard every single day, even on weekends. Not just my brain, but also my body, it’s very tiring actually, haha. Since I got pregnant and almost had miscarriage, I decided to quit my job. I don’t mind the brain works, but being stay awake for at least 36 hours straight without collapse, I don’t think I can do it again. Well techincally I’m still a doctor, my licence is still valid, it’s just that I’m not ready to go back to work..yet.

So being a stay home mother is wonderful, I get to be with my son most of the time, it’s a blessing really. But sometimes I feel a bit empty. So I decided to do another thing. I love books, so I try to be an online book-seller. I like it. I often take some of my stocks for my son, yeah I’m not that good seller. I just really love books. Oh btw I sell children books. Despite all of that, I’ve been selling books for 1 year, and counting. Not too shabby. Alhamdulillah.

But I still feel something is missing. Then I saw many mothers in instagram posting about their child’s activities, they’re learning while playing. It looked really awesome and I want to try it too. So I started to make some simple toys and activities for my son. Then I share them on my instagram, also with explanation how to make it. Then a few mothers tagged me to their photos, it turns out that they recreate my simple toys for their children. It makes the mother and the child happy, and it makes me feel great.

But then again, I still feel a little bit of something is still missing. So, when one of my bestfriend, Rie, offered me a job as a writer in a medical website, I took it without thinking. Why? Well..why not? I just felt that I need to try it. It turned out to be one of the best thing that ever happened to me. It seems like I really can’t live without “a taste of medicine” regularly. It turned out that medicine has always been my passion, I like writing, I like sharing, my job covers them well. I feel complete again, and I’m very grateful for that. Alhamdulillah.

A Bunny & A Duck

Quack..quack.. “Good morning Bunny! Let’s play!”

Hop..hop.. “Morning Duck! Let me finish my breakfast (carrots) first, then I’ll play with you”

Quack..quack.. “Okay!”


Soo this is my first ever sensory bin that I made for my son. I made this in December 2014, exactly one year ago. Very simple huh? I used mung beans as base (grass), then I put some beads as fallen leaves, cotton balls as rocks, and origami paper as pond. I made carrots and water lily pads from playdough and the tree from lego duplo. The bunny is a wooden puzzle, and the duck is a rubber duck. It IS a very simple sensory bin. However, my son is very happy playing with it for…15 minutes. Oh well, it’s good enough because he easily get bored. He always stop playing after 5 minutes then move to another play. That’s a toddler, with very short attention span. Nonetheless, I was very happy and decided to make him another sensory bins next time.

Hello world!

Hello to everyone who is reading this. My name is Diana, I’m happily married. I’m also a mother of a gorgeous son, his name is Rafa. He is 2,5 yo now, veryyy active, happy and healthy. Sometimes I make toys for him, not the extravagant one, but pretty decent. I’m an Indonesian, I live in Jakarta with my family. I’m a Moslem, so I’ll also write about Islam because many have misunderstood Islam. Islam actually is a very peaceful religion. Pardon my English since it’s not my first language, but I’ll try my best. So that’s my quick introduction. I hope I can write new post regularly.