A Bunny & A Duck

Quack..quack.. “Good morning Bunny! Let’s play!”

Hop..hop.. “Morning Duck! Let me finish my breakfast (carrots) first, then I’ll play with you”

Quack..quack.. “Okay!”


Soo this is my first ever sensory bin that I made for my son. I made this in December 2014, exactly one year ago. Very simple huh? I used mung beans as base (grass), then I put some beads as fallen leaves, cotton balls as rocks, and origami paper as pond. I made carrots and water lily pads from playdough and the tree from lego duplo. The bunny is a wooden puzzle, and the duck is a rubber duck. It IS a very simple sensory bin. However, my son is very happy playing with it for…15 minutes. Oh well, it’s good enough because he easily get bored. He always stop playing after 5 minutes then move to another play. That’s a toddler, with very short attention span. Nonetheless, I was very happy and decided to make him another sensory bins next time.