I am a Muslim

In the beginning of one English online lesson, Rafa suddenly said to his teacher “I want to tell you one thing, I’m a Muslim, so I don’t celebrate christmas, halloween, etc, I only celebrate eid ul Fitr, eid ul Adha, and birthday. Please remember that.” And the teacher promised to remember. 

Perhaps you are wondering why on earth Rafa said those things. In his previous English lessons, he learned about holidays around the world, including christmas, halloween, valentine, new years, april’s fools day, etc. The teacher, assuming Rafa also celebrates those holidays, asks what he usually does on those holidays. Rafa was confused and couldn’t answer. I never told him about those holidays, because us Muslim don’t celebrate them.

So, after that lesson, I explained to him about those holidays, and that we don’t celebrate them, because it mimics the kuffar, contain shirk, more mudarah (harms) than maslahah (benefits). We discussed them, and he understood. That’s the background story. He is an 8 year old boy, and he is proud of his identity as a Muslim, and stands firm in his faith, masyaAllah alhamdulillah.┬áMay Allah SWT always protects and guides Rafa’s fitrah.