Where is Palestine, Google? #PalestineIsHere

I searched for Palestine on Google Map, and voila there it is! NOT! Where is Palestine?? It doesn’t matter, Palestine is still there. But it hurts. What do you feel if Google decides to “erase” your country from its map? It hurts right?

Areas that claimed by Israel are actually Palestine’s. What do you feel if: there’s someone who begs for a place to live in your house. You welcomed this person to live in your house with your family. Then, this person has family, but still live in your house. Later on, this person and his families forced you and your families to live in the basement. It’s getting worse, they try and try and try to kick you from YOUR house. Whose house? YOU. But this person CLAIMED it as his house. Imagine that in a bigger scale, land or country. That’s exactly what Israelis has been doing to Paletinians for years.

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Your house was destroyed. You can’t get a proper job because Israel forbid you. You and the most people in your country are poor. You can’t freely going anywhere without being watch or “examined” (read: tortured) by Israel’s authorities. Israel and their allies often attack or bomb your land for whatever reason they feel “right”. You live like in a huge prison. They keep expanding and claiming your house, your land, your country. How do you feel then? That’s what Palestinian faced with every single day.

That isn’t war. That’s genocide. Just like Hitler killed A LOT of jews. Israelis killed A LOT of Muslims in Palestine. You won’t find these facts in media that owned by Israel or allies. They always reports Israelis have been attacked by Palestinians. Really? How many? Usually not more than your fingers. It’s because Israelis attacked first, Palestinians only try to defend theirself. But Israel using it as a reason to attack or bomb Palestine, which caused hundreds even thousands of Palestinians injured or die. MANY children are orphaned, MANY parents lost their childs. You called it war? NO! It’s GENOCIDE. What happens in Suriah is not that different.

Btw you won’t find these facts in mainstream medias. These media always turned the facts about Palestine upside down. The oppressor (Israel) looks like victim, while the REAL victim (Palestine) looks like the oppresor. That’s media these days.

Alhamdulillah there are a lot of organizations here in Indonesia that regularly sending helps to Palestine, such as MER-C, ACT, KNRP, Dompet Dhuafa, BSMI, etc. These organization sent foods, clothes, medicines, etc. They even built hospital and provides its doctors, nurses, etc. Hopefully through them, we Muslims in Indonesia can help our Muslims brothers and sisters in Palestine.

My prays always with them. Hopefully ALLAH always give them strength and always believe in ALLAH. May they all go to Jannah later in akhirah. May we all Muslims meet again in Jannah. Amiinn.

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